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What kind of oils do you use?

We only use the tinniest amount of sunflower oil, which is non-hydrogenated, trans fat-free and gm-free.

Do you use any preservatives, artificial flavours, colours or ingredients?

‚ÄčAbsolutely not! Nothing of the sort, our whole ecosystem is based upon natural, good for you ingredients.

I am allergic to nuts, can I eat Nuto?

The ingredient is a seed, and not a Nut. If you are allergic to seeds, unfortunately you will have to stay away otherwise no reason not to tuck in.

How long does a pack of Nuto stay fresh?

Each Nuto bag stays fresh for a whole 12 months. ‚Äč

You mention Nuto snacks are a premium product. What makes them premium?

Research has shown lotus seed to be rich in sixteen types of essential amino acids and comparable to dry fruits such as almond, walnut, cashew nut and coconut based on its chemical constituents of the popped kernels.

Do you charge VAT on your product?

We currently do not charge VAT on our products. All prices are subject to change.

Is the product currently shipped overseas?

Yes, we are proud to say we can ship our product overseas for a small fee. Please contact sales who will be happy to assist with your request

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